Just A Thought

This category provides short essays written by Dr. Ron Miller. All of the essays were written for Ron’s website and date back a few years. The most recent one was written on 5/1/2011, just three days before he passed away.

A Lost Gospel Fragment

Another bit of papyrus was recently discovered in the sands of Egypt. No official translation has yet been published but here is my amateur attempt to translate the Coptic text. The manuscript is in fairly good condition but there are a few places where the text cannot be clearly deciphered. Two men approached Jeshu when …

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Proud To Be An American

It was a CNN special. A Ku Klux Klan rally in Alabama. A small group of some fifteen klansmen shouting obscenities about Blacks and asserting that Alabama should be an all-white state. A menacing crowd surrounded the white-clad klansmen. But protecting them was a cordon of police officers. I was struck by the fact that …

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Four Years Later

September 11, 2005 is the fourth anniversary of a tragic event that changed our nation’s history forever. Anniversaries like this are natural occasions to ask ourselves what we have learned during the interval, what we did right or wrong, and what we can do better in the future. Somehow this anniversary leads me to a …

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