Just A Thought

This category provides short essays written by Dr. Ron Miller. All of the essays were written for Ron’s website and date back a few years. The most recent one was written on 5/1/2011, just three days before he passed away.

True or False?

Ever since the western world fell in love with the scientific method in the 17th century, a fundamental confusion began working its way into how we think. Truth came to be identified with facts; myths came to be thought of as lies; and the methods of the hard sciences came to be regarded as the …

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What Makes Someone an Atheist?

I am teaching a new course at Lake Forest College. It’s called “Atheism and Faith”. I can only hope the students are enjoying it as much as I am. We’re focusing on the “new atheists”, so the first book we read is Sam Harris’s The End of Faith. He’s one of the poster boys for …

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Have you ever noticed that people are seldom arguing about what they think they are arguing about? And that means you and I as well. I was having a political discussion (argument?) with a friend. We disagreed on every issue raised. Finally, I suggested that we step back and try to analyze this whole situation …

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