Just A Thought

This category provides short essays written by Dr. Ron Miller. All of the essays were written for Ron’s website and date back a few years. The most recent one was written on 5/1/2011, just three days before he passed away.

Alvina Mathilda (Klein) Miller

The Scarecrow

I was the scarecrow in the garden of my mother’s death,standing a long week of bed-side vigilin that tangled patch of wires and tubeswith vain hope of keeping the death bird away.Looking long at the soil where my seed had nine months lain,I wondered what part of me would die with the wombwhere I first …

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True or False?

Ever since the western world fell in love with the scientific method in the 17th century, a fundamental confusion began working its way into how we think. Truth came to be identified with facts; myths came to be thought of as lies; and the methods of the hard sciences came to be regarded as the …

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What Makes Someone an Atheist?

I am teaching a new course at Lake Forest College. It’s called “Atheism and Faith”. I can only hope the students are enjoying it as much as I am. We’re focusing on the “new atheists”, so the first book we read is Sam Harris’s The End of Faith. He’s one of the poster boys for …

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