This category provides video and audio recordings of Dr. Ron Miller giving talks and seminars, as well as some casual insight, meditations and discussion.

Is there life after death - ron miller (baby ron)

Is There Life After Death?

Since the beginning of time, humans have pondered whether life exists after death. To this day, many theories surround this question and various experiences have given different answers. Enjoy this two-part conversation with Ron Miller discussing whether there is life after death and what it looks like in various traditions from Christianity to mysticism, as …

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Paul’s Letters and Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Union Theological Seminary and The Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding at Sacred Heart University in New York presents “Ron Miller, Ph.D., The Sacred Writings of Paul.” Ron’s presentation was titled “Paul’s Letters and Jewish-Christian Dialogue” with an audience of Jewish and Christian scholars. All the participants were given a copy of Ron’s book “The Sacred Writings …

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A Tribute to Ron Miller

A great Q&A that a student named Becca Shrier recorded at Lake Forest College during the summer of 2001. A lot to take from even this short video. Especially notable is a comment towards the end about Rabbi Heschel and thinking of life as starting with a blank canvas.