Thoughts on Abortion

I saw a bumper sticker that said “You Can’t Be Catholic and Pro-Abortion.” I think that’s probably true but I’m not sure I would interpret that statement the way it is probably intended. The Christian tradition has been against abortion for a long time and I think that’s a good idea. So what can Catholics …

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Thoughts on Gays

Where is all this excitement coming from regarding Kerry’s remark about Cheney’s daughter? People are reacting as though he insulted her. It wasn’t as though he accused her of embezzling or liking child pornography. He wasn’t accusing her of anything. Would it have been OK if he had mentioned that she was left-handed or right-handed? …

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Ron Miller - Religions of the World - Western

Religions of the World

Dr. Ron Miller discusses “Religions of the World” in this educational talk. Part I focuses on Western religions of the world; Part II on Eastern. Recorded at St. Alphonus in Wheeling, IL during a two day session in late October 1998, this video has been transferred a few times and is not the best quality. …

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Spirituality in a Secular World

Spirituality in a Secular World

This was a talk delivered in 1983 by Ron Miller for Ekklesia, an organization of Catholic Women. This bound, 22-page, 8”x11” booklet was given to me in late 2012 by a relative of ours from St. Louis. Ron had given it to another relative back when it was published. I feel very fortunate to have …

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