Thoughts on Gays

Where is all this excitement coming from regarding Kerry’s remark about Cheney’s daughter? People are reacting as though he insulted her. It wasn’t as though he accused her of embezzling or liking child pornography. He wasn’t accusing her of anything. Would it have been OK if he had mentioned that she was left-handed or right-handed? In pointing out that her homosexuality is her nature, not her lifestyle, Kerry was simply stating what anyone knows who either is a homosexual or has ever had a serious conversation with one. Bush, of course, was not sure and subsequent polls of Americans indicate that most Americans are not sure either. Doesn’t it seem a bit strange that people who are so sure that we’re winning the war in Iraq (I wonder what it would look like if we were losing it?) are so unsure about the fact that some people are born with a sexual orientation that is predominantly homosexual?

By Ron Miller – October 12, 2004

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