Just A Thought

This category provides short essays written by Dr. Ron Miller. All of the essays were written for Ron’s website and date back a few years. The most recent one was written on 5/1/2011, just three days before he passed away.

Sad News

A member of my high school class (St. Louis University High School, 1955) keeps us in touch through an email list. About two hundred of us graduated in 1955 and most of us are on the list. The emails received in the early years had “happy news” as their subject, announcements of weddings, the birth …

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Sidney’s Poem

Little remains in that frail frame To carry on the fight. Yet when he looks at me, His eyes hold firm, Shining in his wan and wrinkled face Both clear and bright. “You’re a good man,” he whispers, weakly grasping my arm. “You’re a good man too”, I reply. But even good men stand without …

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