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November’s Song

dad as a kid with parents

Dedication: To my father in absentia on his 104th birthday, November 7, 2010. November sings a lonely tune, A melody of melancholy and despair. Trees sway naked in slow rhythm, Tracing patterns in the autumn air. So stand we all this season, No camouflage for any lack of love, Though longing to hide our nakedness, […]



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Jews and Christians: Siblings in Strife

By Ronald H. Miller, Ph.D. Striving From the Womb “And the Lord said to Rebecca: ‘Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples born of you shall be divided’.” Genesis 25:23 Though often understood in the past as mother and daughter, Judaism and Christianity are more commonly regarded today as siblings.(1) Like Jacob and […]



The Red Cape is Back

red cape

A recent edition of the National Catholic Reporter describes the celebration of a Tridentine Rite Mass in Rome, a liturgy recently restored by the current Pope. The photograph accompanying the article shows the celebrant entering the church with a red cape that is almost the length of the nave of the church. It beats any […]


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The Country First

obama mccain

Watching Republicans wave signs of “The Country First” I sense once again the iconic character of this election. On the one hand, we have a leprously white old rich guy. His world is “the country” and whatever lies beyond its borders is there only to serve this country’s interests. He represents a long tradition of […]