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Common Ground Special Event: Ron Miller’s World

Common Ground

From Common Ground’s Winter 2013 Bulletin:

“The list of people touched personally by CG’s late Co-Founder, Ron Miller, is huge. The list of those influenced by his intellectual vision is larger still. This discussion brings together some of his closest friends and colleagues. We’ll remember our own experiences with Ron and reflect on the ideas and insights that each of us most valued in Ron. It promises to be an informative and heartwarming conversation. We’re sure that Ron will be with us in spirit.”

Jim Kenney, Ahmad Sadri, Herbert Bronstein, Rosemary Hurwitz, Laura Bernstein

Common Ground (Deerfield, IL)
1:00-3:00 PM
Call (847) 940-7870 or email Common Ground to reserve your seat for $18.

1 thought on “Common Ground Special Event: Ron Miller’s World”

  1. Little I knew that, when in the early 80’s I joined the special group of people at Common Grounds, I would encounter one of the most influential people in my long life. Ron helped me to see, opened my eager mind to a far deeper understanding of the Scriptures. Could I count the times I was moved to tears by Ron’s passionate lectures? Could I recount how many times my heart was set afire by the Ron’s spiritual presence?
    All the years that I was missionary in the South Pacific I missed talking with him and later on, when I was shocked by the unexpected news of his departure from this plane I knew I missed one of the most precious friend God has ever give me.

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