Hands of Peace

Hands of Peace to Honor Ron with Award

HANDS OF PEACE creates “Rooftop Consciousness Award” in honor of Ron Miller to be given at their annual Farewell Banquet on 7/27/2011 in Evanston, IL. Guests can also see and hear the impact that Hands of Peace is having on the Israeli, Arab-Israeli, Palestinian and American participants. A delicious Middle Eastern dinner and Silent Auction will be followed by special performances. Ron was a devoted boardmember for the interfaith organization and was extremely proud of the work they were doing there:

“My dream is that one day the Prime Minister of Israel and the Prime Minister of a Palestinian state will shake hands and sign a peace agreement and that both of them will have met when they were teenage participants in Hands of Peace.”

Hands of Peace brings teenagers from the Middle East to dialogue with American teenagers who are Jews, Christians, and Muslims, for a two-week program each July. Follow up meetings take place in the Middle East every month so that the process does not end with the program. Learn more about this event and Hands of Peace by clicking here: www.hands-of-peace.org

Hands of Peace

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