Ron Provides A Year’s Worth of Prayers

Ron’s best-selling book Wisdom of the Carpenter: 365 Prayers & Meditations of Jesus is now available in a new edition in both paperback and digital formats. Simply visit the RON’S BOOKS menu on this website or click HERE to go directly to Amazon to preview the book and get either the paperback or Kindle version that works on any eReader. (Kindle, iPad, etc)


— Late highly-regarded comparative religion professor pens valuable prayer book for all thought-seekers and students of spirituality

“…The sayings of Jesus suffer from familiarity and domestication: we’ve heard them before, and we most likely have heard…quite conventional meanings imparted to them. Miller’s book helps to counter familiarity and domestication. Not only does the format invite a different kind of reflection, his translations are often fresh and arresting.”
— Marcus Borg, American Biblical scholar & author

Every day we struggle to find balance and direction in our lives. No matter the time of year or day of the week, our lives are constantly filled with the hustle and bustle of daily responsibilities and events. Shouldn’t we all take a minute at the start (or end) of each day to sit back, relax, and reflect on our spiritual connections?

With the help of late comparative religion professor Dr. Ron H. Miller’s new book Wisdom of the Carpenter: 365 Prayers & Meditations of Jesus, we have the tools to take that short daily break we each deserve. Pairing historical teachings from Jesus with contemporary commentary, Dr. Miller provides a resource not only for Christians but all thought seekers and students of spirituality as well.

Teaching in college classrooms, churches, synagogues, and adult education centers for over 55 years, Dr. Miller noticed that, even among Christians who are regular churchgoers, the teachings of Jesus often remained unknown. Incorporating his own new translations of the earliest available texts, he brings Jesus’ voice and advice to life, while his commentary relates Jesus’ teachings to those of the world’s other great religious traditions.

“Jesus preached a radical message of individual spiritual awakening,” the late Dr. Miller once said. “Beyond practicing as a community or congregation, it’s important that all of us, no matter one’s cultural or faith-based background, take a moment each day to spiritually connect on an individual basis.”

Designating prayers and meditations for each day of the year, this user-friendly, personal guide offers practices that can be completed at any time of the day. Some include:

January 1 - Wisdom of the CarpenterApril 17 - Wisdom of the Carpenter

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