Rooftop Consciousness Award Given at Hands of Peace

At this year’s Annual Farewell Dinner on 27 July 2011, Hands of Peace gave away a “Rooftop Consciousness Award” in honor and memory of their friend and devoted Board member, Ron Miller. Click HERE to read the post about the Farewell Dinner at Hands of Peace. There were two recipients of the award: an Arab-Israeli named Rana Haddad and an American named Kimberly Marshall. Both are extremely impressive individuals and very deserving of this honor, as is explained in detail in the link to the text below. Congratulations to Rana and Kimberly! Ron would be ecstatic.

Click here for the full text of the award ceremony by Laura Bernstein.

Why is this award called the “Rooftop Consciousness Award?” Ron really enjoyed meeting and talking to the kids at Hands of Peace and one of his most inspiring moments was the house of consciousness talk he gave each year. The house of consciousness is a metaphor for a house, with a basement, two floors and a roofdeck with each floor representing a particular stage of consciousness and spiritual evolution. Click HERE to watch Ron’s “House of Consciousness” talk at Common Ground in a new window.

About Hands of Peace
Hands of Peace brings teenagers from the Middle East to dialogue with American teenagers who are Jews, Christians, and Muslims, for a two-week program each July. Follow up meetings take place in the Middle East every month so that the process does not end with the program. Learn more about this event and Hands of Peace by clicking here:

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